Dog House (Screenplay)

Malcolm Scott free Screenplay’s Dog House

Dog House is the story of a crafty older woman with serious issues who discovers that wannabe gangsters are running drugs through her skydiving academy.

Dog House
Dog House

Prentice Meredith Sculley is an ex-nurse and widow who lives in Mexico. She runs her dead husbands skydiving academy, repairs damaged parachutes and counterfeits jumpsuits off the internet. In her spare time she collects mistreated animals and she spies on and torments the young couple next door.

Ashley and Armando, a novelist and food blogger have a suspicion their neighbor has serious mental health issues. But if they knew about her secret basement fetish and they realized they were about to be caught up in her revenge, then they would sell up and move away as fast as possible.

Dog House.

Meme and his pilot Lizard smuggle drugs across the Mexican border in skydiving planes. But recently cracks have started appearing in their operation and Meme has hired a mysterious Australian hit-man to protect him from the Mexican Mafia. The gangsters have no idea the hit-man has a shadowy past, a secret sponsor and a deadly agenda.

Dog House
Dog House

The Australian hit-man, the misfit gangsters and the naive couple are about to find out that Prentice Meredith Sculley is a lot more crazy, capable and dangerous than she appears to be.

Malcolm Scott Free Screenplay’s Dog House

Dog house is a character driven black comedy and horror. The story is quirky and wacky collision of different people with their own agenda’s caught up in a bad situation. In the end only Prentice Meredith Sculley, the kookiest one of them all is able to maintain control.

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