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Malcolm Scott Screenplay: Sting

After barely surviving an incident of anaphylactic shock, seven year old Morgan Sear’s childhood is shattered by disturbing visions of an abduction and murder.

Morgan is then compelled to lead the people she loves into a life and death situation so they can rescue a woman being held captive in a hellish prison.

Morgan is saved from almost certain tragedy by her mother Jill who is watching her return home after completing a chore on their farm. Her  recently deceased father was allergic to bee stings and Jill recalls he once stashed an emergency Epi-pen in a kitchen draw.

Jill is concerned however when the seizures continue and Morgan begins experiencing terrible nightmares. She worries her night-terrors are a symptom of her losing her father and she grapples with her ability to raise a child on her own.

Malcolm Scott Screenplays Sting.
Malcolm Scott Screenplays Sting.

Jill also relies on her best friend Emma an artist who has been part of her support system since the death of her husband. She is loyal and understanding, and although she’s a little indulgent, she shares a
special bond with Morgan.

Whilst driving Morgan home from hospital Jill stops when her daughter is overcome by a sudden bout of car sickness. Then after noticing an old chapel mother and daughter venture inside to explore.

Jill and Morgan stumble across stunning artworks painted on the chapel walls and they encounter a caretaker who is restoring the works.

The custodian explains that the renditions are copies of William Blake etchings and that his mother painted them in an attempt to overcome her depression after the death of her husband.

Malcolm Scott Screenplays Sting.
William Blake’s, ‘Sultan Exulting Over Eve’. Screenplay Sting

When Jill tells Emma about the artworks she warns her friend that the caretaker caused her to feel uncomfortable when he invited her down to the basement to view more paintings.

Despite her friend’s interest in art  Jill recommends that she avoid the chapel altogether. Emma ignores the advice however  when she visits the old chapel after Morgan manipulates circumstances in attempt to help the victims of her visions.

Malcolm Scott Screenplays Sting.
William Blake’s, ‘Spechular’. Screenplay Sting.

Morgan knows Mary is being held captive and that a teenage girl was murdered in the chapel during an escape attempt. But she needs Jill and Emma’s help to rescue Mary and to fulfill a promise that was made before she was born.

Malcolm Scott Screenplay Sting.
William Blake’s, ‘The Ghost of a Flea’. Screenplay Sting.

Morgan utilizes the love and protectiveness of the two women to achieve her objectives, but her efforts lead them into an encounter with a murderer who is desperate to keep his dark secret hidden.

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