War correspondent jailed in Bali

David Fox a former war correspondent  has expressed his gratitude after being handed down a light sentence after being caught for drug possession in Bali.

British man David Fox, has been sentenced to seven months in prison for possessing hashish in Bali, and due to time already served, he should be released early in May 2017.

“I am very grateful to my legal team and all my friends and supporters for helping me get through this and to navigate through the byzantine system here.” He was quoted as saying outside the court.

Mr Fox is a former war correspondent and he has had covered conflicts and disasters in countries including Bosnia, Rwanda, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq over a twenty year career.

correspondent Jailed in Bali
correspondent Jailed in Bali

Mr Fox was arrested in the Sanur last October and charged with possessing 9.83 grams of hashish. He claimed after his arrest and during his trial that he used hashish to deal with post-traumatic stress he suffered from war reporting over so many years.

After his court case a very relieved looking Mr Fox was quoted as saying. “I’m very grateful; I think the court recognised the circumstances of my peculiar case.”

Mr Fox was arrested after a 49 year old Australian man, Giuseppe Serafino, who ran the ‘On and On’ bar in Sanur, offered up his name as someone who helped him obtain hash.

correspondent Jailed in Bali
correspondent Jailed in Bali

Serafino will face court early next week and prosecutors are seeking one year imprisonment.

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