Kiwi conned in Bali Card game scam

A family from New Zealand has been warned to leave Bali after a man was caught up in a Bali card game scam.

The father and first time traveler to Bali lost two thousand dollars in the scam after being approached by a stranger in Kuta. He was then tricked into a car by the Indonesian man and driven to a gated and locked house in a Balinese suburb.

Bali Card Game Scam
Bali Card Game Scam

The victim’s wife decided to speak out and warn other tourists after losing another two thousand dollars on changing air tickets. The New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta warned the family to leave Bali as soon as possible  after being informed the man had been given a phone and told he would be contacted again.

The Bali card game scam has been running for a long time on Indonesia’s primary holiday island and it generally involves two men and a woman.

The rip-off comprises conning the victim over to the house where the card game is taking place then bullying them to take part for high stakes. When money is lost, further pressure is applied and the targets  are forced to hand over their losses on the spot.

Bali Card Game Scam
Bali Card Game Scam

The targets of these scams are also cajoled and threatened into borrowing money so they continue playing. Then afterwards they are taken to an ATM machine and forced to repay their debt.

Some victims are reluctant to report that they have been affected by these scammers but it is probably wise to at least inform the local police if a situation occurs. Unsuspecting tourists continue to lose large sums of money and to suffer continued intimidation and threats by the perpetrators of this scam every year.

An Australian couple were caught up in a similar scam a few years ago and they were taken to an ATM where they withdrew and lost eighteen thousand dollars over a period of a few days.

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