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Bali Volcano Update: Authorities prepare for larger eruption from Mount Agung.

Indonesia’s disaster management agency have warned of a possible  larger eruption from Mount Agung  and they have raised the Volcano alert to the highest level.

Authorities have also extended the evacuation zone to ten kilometers in what seems to be a sign that the worst is yet to come.

The head geological agency has stated that the alert level was raised because the  eruptions had switched from steam based to  magma based.

Bali’s airport has been closed down as has the small international airport on Lombok as winds have blown a large ash cloud over their vicinity.

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Dust cloud map showing why airports closed and Bali’s Mount Agung

The graph above  is from the BoM-Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre . International airlines have also canceled all flights to Bali as has Perth International Airport Australia.

Travellers to Bali are being asked to check individual airline websites for updated flight status information. They’re also advised to check with insurance companies to see if they will be covered for volcano-related activity.

The most anticipated ejaculation in Bali’s recent history has just occurred.  Bali’s Mount Agung has finally erupted in a fiery display of smoke and volcanic ash.

Mount Agung seems to be living up to his name (Agung = Great One) and the nature of the name, well sort of.

The volcano  exhaled a massive plume of smoke and ash last night at 5 pm local time that experts say rose 1500 metres into the night sky.

Malcolm Scott Books
Picture Facebook Bali’s Mount Agung

Fiery old dragon or beast waiting to wreak havoc, the eruption left surrounding villages at the base of the mountain covered in a thin layer of volcanic ash as the dust clouds settled.

Agung then managed to smoke, hiss  and burp ash for the rest of the evening and the feeling across Bali is anticipatory if not ominous.

Mount Agung’s last eruption devastated numerous villages and killed an estimated 1,600 Balinese people.

Authorities are warning anyone  who is still in the 7.5 km exclusion zone around the volcano that they should leave immediately and seek shelter in the designated safe areas.

Meantime a warning has been issued for aircraft flying in and out of Bali and wider Indonesia. A number of international flights from Jetstar, Qantas and even Air Asia have been cancelled at this stage but more are expected over the coming days.

Social media is suddenly awash with people worried that they will be stranded in Bali, or concerned the will not be able to get to Bali on organized flights.

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