Bali police bust Brigadier with bong and pipe

Bali Police are investigating how one of their own became caught up in a suburban drug bust in Bali.

After receiving reports from locals about drug taking in a rented suburban house the Karangusum Narcotics Unit Police raided the suspected drug den.

Upon entering the residence they encountered three suspects who appeared pale and under the influence of some type of intoxicant. They then learned that one of the suspects, known as KS, was a Police Brigadier who served in  Sub Sector West.

The officers from the narcotics unit then conducted a thorough search of the premises and they uncovered a smoking implement commonly used for inhaling marijuana and a glass pipe containing a small amount of shabu-shabu or crystal meth.


Then in a separate room allegedly occupied by an associate of KS, narcotics officers also found a clip seal bag containing a small amount of  methamphetamine.

The three suspects were arrested at the house taken back to the station where they tested positive for drug use. Then after a further development two other suspects were arrested and taken in for questioning.

The narcotics unit are continuing their investigation but if it is proven that KS was involved in purchasing or ingesting the illegal substance. He will most certainly face criminal charges and dishonourable discharge from the police force.

This bust comes on the heels of the police officer busted for allegedly attempting to smuggle crystal meth into Kerobokan prison in a shampoo bottle earlier in the week.

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