Australian busted for drugs in Bali has emotional outburst

Australian accountant has had an emotional outburst as he was led away after a press conference over the Bali drug bust.

Australian accountant Isaac Emmanuel Roberts, 35, was arrested on December 4 carrying 19.97 grams of crystal meth and 14 ecstasy tablets in his luggage.

Bali police announced the arrest and paraded Roberts in front of the press on Tuesday wearing an orange jumpsuit and a balaclava. He was with an American man and a Malaysian national who were arrested for separate offences.

Mr Roberts flew into Bali from Bangkok Thailand  on Tuesday and was arrested at the international airport.  Immigration officials alleged they discovered the drugs hidden in a Durex condom box, a plastic bottle and a clear plastic bag  during a routine bag search.

The offence could attract the death penalty under Indonesian law and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is providing consular assistance.

Roberts has claimed that he is just a low level addict and that he may have been set up. It has also been reported that he was taken to hospital after the press conference.

“They knew I was going to bring something,” Mr Roberts told media as he was taken out of the conference.

He was also quoted as saying in the outburst. “I’m just a f….g addict. They want to waste resources on addicts, they want to punish addicts? This is ridiculous. What about the f…..g importers? I wasn’t going to sell it to anyone here, no one was going to use it here. This is ridiculous. This is an embarrassment.”


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