Update: Another Fink’s Bikie Banned from Entering Bali

Another member of the Finks Motor Cycle Club Australia has been refused entry to the holiday island of Bali. Finks Member Troy Albert Fornaciari was told he wasn’t welcome on Friday then flown back to Sydney Australia a few hours later.

High ranking Finks bikie Troy Albert Fornaciari, 34
High ranking Finks bikie Troy Albert Fornaciari, 34

There is speculation that Finks members have planned a meeting in Bali to circumnavigate tough Australian laws that ban associates of motor cycle clubs from consorting.

One hundred members are thought to be heading to Bali, and although  some have already arrived, more are believed to be on their way. There are also reports that some members have found themselves stranded after having their hotel accommodation stripped away.

The Finks are  believed  to have set up a Bali Chapter along with other Australian  motor cycle clubs, and it is thought this may be a signal from the government that they are not wanted in Indonesia.

There is also speculation that Australian law enforcement are supplying information about Bikie arrivals in Bali to put pressure on gang members.

The National President of the Finks M.C. Australia was also blocked from entering Bali by Indonesian immigration officers Wednesday night after an alleged tip of by the Australian Federal Police.

The photograph below was believed to have been taken from a  Finks Facebook page  then sent to officials with a warning that Kosh Radford would be arriving at Denpasar Airport at 8.20pm.

Finks Bikie banned from Bali
Finks president second from left. Taken from Finks Facbook page

Radford claimed he was traveling to Bali for a holiday when he was questioned at an immigration check point. Then after he was denied entry Radford and his wife, child and mother in-law were flown back to Sydney on a Qantas Flight 44 at 9.30 pm.

Finks president led away by Indonesian immigration
Finks president led away by Indonesian Immigration Official

Immigration officials are quoted as saying that Radford was rejected because it is known that he is involved in a dangerous motorbike gang in Australia. However  it is though his family were granted entry but chose to return  to Australia with him.

Bali’s head of immigration chief Ari Budijanto also said when asked why Radford was denied entry.

“Foreigners that are allowed to enter Indonesia are those who are beneficial for Indonesia, but Foreigners who are rejected from entering Indonesia are foreigners that allegedly could causes restlessness and disturb national security.”

Radford has been considered a high interest person by Australian Law Enforcement since he gained leadership of the club.  He is also thought to have instigated a recruitment initiative in Australia and Indonesia that has seen club membership increase dramatically .

The Finks Motorcycle Club recently changed their club insignia from a happy drunk caricature to a sneering character holding a hand gun. Australian Police are thought to be concerned that this may signal an affiliation with another notorious Australian M.C.

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