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Malcolm Scott is inviting you to read his screenplay’s

Are you an up and coming director or a well healed producer looking for your next project, or maybe you’re just interested in reading movie scripts and you like free stuff?

I am interested in writing screenplay’s and in the hope of getting noticed, I’m allowing anyone to read mine.

After writing four books, one is in the editing phase. Writing screenplay’s is a new and exciting writing approach for me. These industry formatted full length movie scripts have undergone a number of re-writes and they’re ready to go into production.

Please take the time to check out the screenplays I have written below and remember they are free of charge.

However, if you do find you enjoyed reading one of my screenplays why not send me a message to tell me so?

Use any of the contact forms on this website to contact me and receive your free script. Look forward to hearing from you soon and hope you enjoy.

Malcolm Scott Screenplay: Sting

Sting is a psychological thriller reminiscent of the successful movies, ‘The Sixth Sense’ and ‘Split’ written by M. Night Shyamalan in style and story-line.

Malcolm Scott Screenplays.STING
Malcolm Scott Screenplays.

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Malcolm Scott’s Screenplay: Adeline

Adeline is the true story of a  strong willed and determined colonial woman and her first Australian husband.

Malcolm Scott Screenplays.
Malcolm Scott Screenplays.

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Malcolm Scott’s free screenplay Heroes 2002

In October 2002 extremists involved in the radical Jemaah Islamiya Network staged a terrorist attack in Bali, Indonesia. The world was devastated by the incident and shocked that it was launched against innocent civilians. 

Malcolm Scott Screenplay’s
Malcolm Scott Screenplays

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Malcolm Scott’s Screenplay: Dog House

Dog House is the story of a crafty older woman with issues who discovers that wannabe gangsters are running drugs through her skydiving academy. 

Malcolm Scott Free Screenplay Dog House
Malcolm Scott Screenplays

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Malcolm Scott’s Screenplay: Crisis in Cambodia

Crisis in Cambodia is the true life political drama/action story of three western backpackers that were taken hostage by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in 1994.

Malcolm Scott Screenplays.
Crisis in Cambodia. Malcolm Scott Screenplays.

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Malcolm Scott’s Screenplay: Regression

Bob and Jeff are lifelong buddies who have forgotten the dreams of their youth. They now live in the real world of job’s, responsibility and commitment. But the two humble accounts clerks are about to find out what it is really like to live (or die ) when they discover a porthole into their previous incarnations.

Malcolm Scott screenplay’s
Malcolm Scott Screenplays

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Screenplays come in PDF format, please contact me using the form below. Thanks in advance and here’s hoping you’re a movie producer, happy reading Malcolm Scott.



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