Have you considered reincarnation and past life regression? 

Perhaps you were once a viking sailing wide open seas and marauding coastal villages in England or maybe a spiritually serene monk living in a hillside monastery overlooking a picturesque French village.


Then again maybe you were in an insane asylum and you were savagely murdered by sadistic doctor because you soiled your bed sheets.

Do you really want to know?

Bob and Jeff are lifelong buddies who have forgotten the dreams of their youth and they now live in the real world of job’s, responsibility and commitment. But the two humble accounts clerks are about to find out what it is really like to live (or die ) when they discover a porthole into their previous incarnations.

Malcolm Scott Free Screenplays
Malcolm Scott Free Screenplays

Bob lives in the suburbs and he does his best to survive a boring and loveless marriage to his high school sweetheart Teresa. While his best friend Jeff lives alone in a shitty apartment building and he fills his lonely void by surfing the internet and looking up porn.

Malcolm Scott Free Screenplays, Malcolm Scott Free Screenplays
Malcolm Scott Free Screenplays

Bob and Jeff try to ignore the fact that they have become boring office workers and generic suburbanites.

Regression Screenplay
Regression Screenplay

But the highlight of Bob’s life is watching his wife leave for book-club and the most interesting thing that ever happens to Jeff is finding a new conspiracy theory on the internet.

The two friends have found out that life is mind-numbing and mundane but all of that is about to change because Jeff has discovered a new way to cope that is surprisingly better than jerking off to internet porn.

While  stumbling through cyberspace Jeff comes across a you-tube clip of a renowned psychologist/hypnotist  conducting  a  past life regression session for a group of Hippie’s, Vegans and old people seeking answers to the afterlife.

Malcolm Scott Free Screnplays
Malcolm Scott Free Screenplays

Jeff soon learns that he is able to drift far away from his modest existence and escape into another experience and reality for a brief moment in time.

When Jeff shares his secret with Bob they find out there is more to life, death and reincarnation than there is in the here and the now. The best friends are about to discover that love and revenge can last across lifetimes.

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