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Killiing a Kiwi in Thailand

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Killing a Kiwi in Thailand
(The Pattaya Puppy Dog Murder)


The true story of three Western expats who decide to make the resort city in Thailand  their home.  Tragedy then strikes after one of them becomes involved in an argument in a roadside bar in Pattaya City.

The story originates in Bali where the expats meet at an illegal card game held by a fugitive from the law and a struggling writer trying to survive living in a foreign country.  Then along with another Australian they help a naive but extroverted Kiwi escape from an abusive marriage to an overbearing Balinese wife .

The story then travels from Bali to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and eventually to Bangkok and  the seaside resort town of Pattaya in Thailand.

Killing a Kiwi in Thailand Malcolm Scott
Killing a Kiwi in Thailand Malcolm Scott

The expats find homes, and meet partners, and they settle down to live in the ‘Land of Smiles’. They also plan to travel around  Southeast  Asia together and to experience all this exotic part or the world has to offer.

Then  one  night while strolling through the streets of Pattaya with his puppy dog under his arm.  One of the group becomes involved in a random argument with a murderous couple and he is later ambushed and left to die in the street.

The friends of the murder victim receive a phone call  to inform them  he has been beaten up. They race to the city to help, but they soon discover his body in a hospital morgue when they are asked to pay his medical expenses .

The same night they are ordered by the Thai police to a meet and  greet get-together with the murderer. They watch on horrified as the  caged and blood soaked killer is paraded in front of them like some type of macabre trophy.

The man charged with the crime then pleads guilty in order to have the charges against his Thai wife dropped. He then posts  twenty thousand dollars bail and he escapes the country over the  Cambodia Border before the case can come to trail.

The victims friends do their best to stop the killer escaping from Thailand but he  is able to make it back home to Sweden before he is arrested.

The killer goes to  trial in Sweden but the witnesses to the brutal murder are unable to attend.  The perpetrator of the crime then receives a  light sentence  for the  savage, unprovoked and random killing of a Kiwi in Thailand.

Killing a Kiwi in Thailand  is the true story of author Malcolm Scott’s best friend who was murdered in the seaside resort city of Pattaya. This sometimes funny and sometimes moving story will be available soon.

Available Here: Crisis in Cambodia
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