Crisis in Cambodia (Screenplay)

Crisis in Cambodia the screenplay

Based on the Backpacker Kidnapping

Crisis in Cambodia is the true life political drama/action story of three western backpackers that were taken hostage by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in 1994.

Crisis in Cambodia (Screenplay)
Crisis Cambodia (Screenplay)

The young men were kidnapped while touring Cambodia after the train they were traveling on was ambushed by a twenty strong Khmer Rouge raiding party.

They were then marched for six days through rugged Cambodian terrain until they reached a mountain hideout and Khmer Rouge stronghold where they were held captive for two months while negotiations took place.

Crisis in Cambodia (Screenplay)
Crisis in Cambodia (Screenplay) Cardom Mountains

When news broke that an Australian National was part of the kidnapped trio the Australian government publicly cited the ‘No Negotiation No Ransom Policy’. But David Wilson’s family were hopeful because Australia’s Foreign Minister had influence with the Royal Cambodian Army and the Prime Minister of Cambodia .

The Australian Government had hoped to build a presence in South East Asia and they had recently exploited Cambodia’s internal conflict to become involved in the region.

Crisis in Cambodia
Crisis in Cambodia

A year earlier the Australian Foreign Minister and expert on Cambodia had made himself internationally famous by arranging for peacekeeping forces to enter the country.

Despite the ‘No Negotiation No Ransom’ policy most believed that Australia’s Foreign Minister would utilize his contacts in the Royal Cambodian Army and his relationship with Cambodia’s Prime Minister to assist and advise on the negotiations.

Unfortunately no one back in Australia understood the complexity of the situation.

Cambodia’s Prime Minister was a former Khmer Rouge Officer and he was being backed by the newly unified country of Vietnam. And the American Central Intelligence Agency were using the United Nations to shield Pol Pot so they could bring down Cambodia’s Vietnamese administrators.

Caught in the middle of the Australian politicians diplomatic grandstanding and Cambodia’s political turmoil were three young backpackers who were foolish enough to catch a train to a war zone.

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