Ceningan Island Resort Bali

Ceningan Island Resort Bali

Nusa Ceningan is a small, idyllic and undeveloped island that sits beside the renowned tropical getaway of Nusa Lembongan.

Ceningan Island and Lembongan Island are connected by a bridge and they are often mistaken as the same island. Surrounded by perfect beaches, palm trees and small local restaurants the tropical islands resemble the unspoiled and pristine paradise of Bali twenty years ago.

Ceningan Island Resort is now offering investment packages
Ceningan Island Resort Bali:

Ceningan Island Resort is the first major development on the island and because the utmost care has been taken to maintain traditional Balinese style while ensuring environmentally friendly practices the resort seamlessly melds luxury with untouched topical paradise.

Ceningan Island Resort is located 45 minutes off the coast of mainland Bali and motor boats travel back and forth daily but for anyone running on Bali holiday time it is also possible to cruise across the Bandung Strait in tranquil luxury.

Sri Tanjung sailing to Ceningan Island Resort
Sri Tanjung sailing to Ceningan Island Resort: Click for more info

Ceningan Island Resort is a restful and quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of Bali. But if things do become too peaceful and serene then it’s only a short distance to all the restaurants and nightlife on offer on Lembongan Island.

This enchanting island resort is the perfect place to get away from it all and wonderfully, it is the most exciting way to add a new chapter to that,  “I’ve been to Bali too” holiday experience.

Ceningan Island Resort Bali:
Ceningan Island Resort Bali:

When you visit Ceningan Island Resort you can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving or fishing in the crystal clear waters of an island paradise without the tourist crowds you now have to contend with in Bali.

Secret Point Ceningan Island Bali
Sunset Ceningan Island Channel

The sunsets are also spectacular on Ceningan Island so for a more relaxing holiday. You can just sit on your private balcony, sip on that tropical drink, and stare out across crystal clear waters back to the mainland of Bali.

Ceningan Island Resort Bali
Ceningan Island Resort Bali

Ceningan Island Resort is located on the cliff front of Ceningan Island overlooking a stunning lagoon and picturesque cove and it is bordered on both sides by beaches.

This splendid resort on Ceningan Island also includes an infinity pool with a stunning ocean backdrop and the renowned Drift Wood Bar that serves ice cold beer with the best clifftop views in Bali.

The Ceningan Island Resort also boasts the exciting and new zip-line attraction that sends you hurtling across an abyss sixty feet above the ocean. And an open-air Indonesian style restaurant that serves Western and Balinese cuisine alongside magnificent sunsets over the mainland of Bali.

Secret Point Ceningan Island Bali
Secret Point Ceningan Island Bali

Why not do something different on your next Bali trip and get away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland to experience an island holiday within a holiday?

Ceningan Island Resort Bali represents a true lifestyle change and opportunities are now available to own island property.  Use the contact form below to book your stay or to ask about our investment packages.

Stay on Ceningan Island:

New Hotel Investment Opportunity:

Sail to Ceningan Island:

Ceningan Island Resort Bali is currently offering a once in a lifetime investment opportunity for someone seeking to become involved in a profitable business in Bali. Contact us for more information.

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