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Bali Raw by Malcolm Scott

Bali Raw

Considered one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia has long been the site for Western fantasies about paradise.

Millions of tourists visit the Island of the Gods every year, from families treating the kids to a beach holiday to single men looking for cheap booze and sex. For many young Westerners partying in Bali has become a rite of passage but the hardcore holiday lifestyle does not come without pitfalls.

Bali Raw Malcolm Scott Books
Bali Raw by Malcolm Scott

Bali is a rough place, as dangerous a place as you will ever encounter and in this extraordinary exposé, Australian author and resident Malcolm Scott reveals the raw underbelly of Bali.

What you don’t see in the glossy brochures is the rampant prostitution, the prevalence of AIDS, the bloody turf wars waged between local gangs and the drug- and alcohol-induced Western hooliganism.

Tourists are robbed, raped and murdered and Westerners get into vicious fights amongst themselves and with Indonesians on a regular basis.

Offered the chance to work in Bali as a marketing manager for a development company,  Malcolm Scott had no idea that he would be surrounded by prostitutes, drug peddlers, drunk tourists and even more intoxicated expats.

He quickly hired Balinese gang members as security only to later hire new security to protect himself from his old security. His moral compass soon spiraled out of control and he became that which he most despised: a full-blown Bali expat.

Malcolm Scott walks readers down Bali’s mean streets with honesty, humour and gritty realism and he offers up a Bali choking with violent street fights, cheap sex and aggressive crime.

Bali Raw is a must-read for anyone who has visited, or is thinking of travelling to, Indonesia’s Island of the Gods.


Just reading your book for the second time. Just wanted to say I think every Australian in particular should read it before they come here. I've always thought how naive we are especially too when I listen to Australians Talking about their Balinese families and their best friends. But I gave up trying to tell them otherwise. I just roll my eyes. Never have I thought as individuals we are special to any of them. They are simply trying to eke out a living in a third world country and I don't blame them for that. I love this place but take it all with a grain of salt. I feel somewhat vindicated after reading your book. Well done, it was a brilliant read and I recommend it to everyone when they
 start banging on. Congrats.  Jim

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