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Bali Belly
(The Bali Survival Guide)


Bali Belly is the Bali survival guide you need to read if you are thinking of living on or holidaying in Bali. By the time I finished my first two books Bali Raw and Bali Undercover I thought I had drained the well and there wasn’t much left to write about Bali.  I settled on the island and I spent most of my time writing screenplays and researching my third book based in Crisis in Cambodia.

Then one day as I was staring out my office window watching the motorcycles zoom past in a bleating chorus of tooting horns. I realized that Bali is never stagnant or still and that she is continuously changing and evolving. It was at that moment I felt I had missed something when I wrote the first two books in the series.

Bali Belly the Bali Survival Guide
Bali Belly the Bali Survival Guide


I started on Bali Belly because I grasped that although I had shared my experiences in my first books I had never really explained the best way to survive living in Bali. This book attempts that and it also shares more of the events I experienced when I lived in the seedy heart of both Kuta and Seminyak for close to a decade.

For those of you thinking of spending a whopping $3.99 on the Bali Belly survival guide I should also warn that this book may not be for you.

Bali Belly is not always politically correct and it does contain stories involving pubs, nightclubs, prostitution, dodgy expats and the general seedier side of Bali life but it it is honest.

Bali has its tame area’s and there will be a few latte experts slurping coffee in Canggu who will scoff and pontificate on how you don’t need a survival guide to live in Bali. But in Bali Belly I discuss the Sodom and Gomorrah side of the Tourist Island that these buffed and blasé expats try their best to avoid.

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